Change of use plans submitted

The plans have now been submitted to Warrington Borough Council for a change of use.  The current use class for the building is A1 Retail and it needs to be A3 Restaurant and cafe.

The shop has had permission to be a cafe back in1987, before we owned it.  When we moved in we did look at reinstating the cafe but the cost of getting the dilapidated cafe back up to standard was substantial therefore it was put on a back burner for a while, we did not realise it would be simmering away on the back burner for quite so long.

The only difference you will notice to the shop, except the interior (more on that in a few weeks), will be a new disabled access ramp to the front door, some tables and chairs outside and a lick of paint.  The proposed opening times for the tearoom will initially be around 10am until 4pm we will never open later than the shops closing time of  5:00pm.

Inside the shop it is divided into three sections one large and two small.  We will convert two small sections into the tearoom and serving area and move all the chandlery in to one large section.

The application and the full plans can be seen HERE.

The layout and a view of how the front elevation will be can be viewed HERE.

If you have any questions or comment please feel free to give us a call or pop in to the shop and see Nigel he can explain it in a bit more detail.